Feather&Gill Design Architects

SFAHBA 2011 Remodel Award

Feather & Gill Architects has won the 2011 “Whole House Remodel – Design” Award from the Santa Fe Area Home Builders. The award will be given out during the SFAHBA Home-Design-Remodel Expo, May 14-15, 2011, at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. The “design” aspect of the traditional annual building awards was newly added this year to accommodate that aspect of building projects. “I am thrilled and honored to have been recognized by the panel of judges for this particularly complex and intriguing project”, said Dan Featheringill, principal architect of the firm.

The project was a 1910 adobe home in the South Capitol area amidst the Historic District of Santa Fe. Because of its location, every nuance of exterior work was subject to the approval of both the City of Santa Fe Historic Preservation Division and/or the City’s Historic Design Review Board. Featheringill admits that he was originally brought onto the project, at least in part, because of his experience in sitting on the H-Board for 5 years. “The experience and subsequent expertise you gain from sitting on that board is incredible”, Featheringill stated. “Instead of fighting every restriction, you gain a true understanding and appreciation of the value this kind of ordinance plays in keeping historic Santa Fe preserved and special”, he concluded.

The new owner of the Historic home wanted to increase the existing size of 1246 square feet to approximately 2125 square feet. Because of the stringent ordinances, building up or adding space to the existing structure was not an option. The innovative and creative solution to add the square footage by excavating under the existing footprint was designed and approved. Additionally, the existing 4 exterior walls had to be left intact, which eliminated large excavation equipment usage; therefore, the excavation had to be done by hand.

The year and a half long remodeling effort culminated in an incredible interior design of New York chic, which is livable, workable and entertainment-friendly. While the interior is literally a new home, the exterior remains a beautiful, cosmetically improved, historic home in the oldest capitol of the United States.

This project is featured in the newest edition of “Su Casa” magazine, the Spring 2011 edition.
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