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Feather & Gill Architects begins the process of design and construction with the three most valuable assets for the project: communication, creativity, and you, our client. Our initial consultations to understand your needs will set the foundation as we embark on turning those dreams and ideas into a three dimensional structure.

The next step is to create detailed renderings and plans to give you a representation of what your project will look like when completed. Reviewing and revising these drawings and renderings saves money later in the building process.We can also create scale models showing the new building in relation to the existing site.

Once approved, we provide all the plans and documentation required by the building departments, working in collaboration with planning and zoning review boards.

Next we begin the construction phase. Feather & Gill Architects has a solid track record in all facets of design and construction, of both custom residential and commercial structures. With over twenty five years of General Contractor building experience, your project will receive a high level of quality control and on-site, professional supervision – from beginning to end.

Talk to us about your next project and find out how we can take the bumps out of the construction process and make the road smoother to your new front door.

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Elevations 3D Rendering
3D Rendering 3D Rendering
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3D Rendering 3D Rendering
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